The Features Of Sandi


The Voice Activated Receptionist

The Voice Activated Dialing Assistant

  • Sound like a real person
  • Answer multiple phone lines
  • Transfer and screen calls
  • Locate people not at their desk
  • Internal operator paging

    The Voice Activated Voice Mail Assistant

  • Take and retrieve messages
  • Save & forward messages
  • Copy & delete messages
  • Dial back the person for you
  • Change greeting & password
  • Change locate numbers
  • Remote access
  • The Voice Activated Email Assistant

    • Listen to Email from any phone
    • Reply to Email via phone
    • Send group voice Emails
    • Save, delete, copy, forward Email
    • Notify you of voice mail via Email


    • Maintain internal extension list
    • Maintain outside Rolodex
    • Store 500 names & numbers per user
    • Dial internal & external numbers for you
    • Remote access to telephone database/dialing


    The Voice Activated PBX Assistant

    • Learn your telephone system
    • Transfer calls to another extension
    • Send calls to voice mail
    • Turn on/off Do Not Disturb
    • Setup conference calls


    The Voice Activated FAX Assistant

    • Receive multiple faxes at once
    • Store faxes privately on computer
    • Notify you of faxes by Email
    • Save on fax paper and toner
    • Access fax header by phone
    • Copy, delete, save and print faxes
    • Forward Faxes via Email

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